Our 2020 Mother's Day Gift Guide

As we all continue to practice social distancing, this year Mother's Day is looking a little different. Luckily, we have the opportunity to connect with our Moms virtually via FaceTime, Zoom, or have a nice long chat on the phone. 

To help make Mother's Day extra special this year, our team here at Purple Urchin is including FREE Cards with all Mother's Day gifts. We want to help you send Mom - whether that be your maternal mother, grandmother, aunt, friend, cousin, figurative mentor; those who identify as she, he or them, your love this year! Need a little help finding a gift for that special someone in your life? Let us help you out! 


We all need to give ourselves a little bit more me time. And what better way to pay it forward than with some bath time goodies?  A nice, steamy, warm bath relaxes the body and mind, soothing the soul. 

This year, we are offering a Limited Edition Bar + Bath Salts Mother's Day Me-Time Gift Set. Our team wanted to find a way to put together a gift set to offer customers that doesn't break the bank. The duo gift set combo, sends a little love in a bath-time self care pack. 

Our full size bags of natural Bath Salts are available in Lemon Lavender, Lilac, Cypress and Oatmeal. Dead Sea Bath Salts soothe muscles and with regular use can relieve sensitive skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. The natural minerals in our Dead Sea Bath Salts help fight acne and smooth wrinkles. 

Nothing screams me-time like a drawing a hot bath and using one of our natural bath bombs (available in Ginger Spice, Grapefruit Grenade, Lavender, Maple Lemon, Mimosa, Rockets, and Strawberry Shortcake). With our Bath Bomb Gift Set, you can give them 6-nights of relaxing me-time! 

Know a frontline worker who needs a little me time? We have the perfect gift for them! Our Chill Out Foot Soak will send them into a state of complete relaxation. As they soak their tired, overworked feet our Chill Out will work its magic. Rich with tea tree oil, peppermint and menthol, a pleasant tingle ignites a cooling sensation when they remove their feet from the warm basin of water. 



There is no better gift than that of being introduced to a new, natural beauty routine. Our skincare products don't contain gnarly additives, parabens, or SLS which strip your skin of natural oils. You need those natural oils to protect your skin. Our natural skincare line is specifically crafted to enhance your skin based on it's natural cell production cycle. 

One common misconception with skincare is that soap bars shouldn't be used on your face. And yes, if it's not a natural bar of soap this remains true. However our cold process bar soap keeps glycerin as a core ingredient. This is because glycerin hydrates the face to keep the skin looking supple and most importantly, moisturized. Introduce that special someone to our line of skincare with one of our face and body bars (such as our Dead Sea Mud, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus, or Onyx - with activated charcoal). 

Our Grime Fighter Facial Exfoliating Cleanser gives your skin the daily deep clean it needs. The gritty texture in Grime Fighter removes dead skin, while blood circulates leaving the skin looking fresh and vibrant! Not to mention, the aroma of our natural face cleanser awakes the senses each morning to get that extra pep in your step! 

Two products that are sure to be appreciated are our moisturizers. Our Unmarked Anti-Aging Face Serum has been designed to bring back that beautiful, youthful glow! The natural oils we've selected for our facial serum are made up of smaller molecules. This allows the rich nutrients to penetrate deeper, working their way into the skin's underlying cells. Our Extreme Cream is one of our best sellers! Our customers can't live a day without it. Our Extreme Cream face moisturizer smooths wrinkles, reduces age spots, regenerates skin, blocks UV rays and nourishes dry skin. 

Our Dead Sea Mud and Cucumber Face Mask is one of our most luxurious skincare products. The Dead Sea Mud in our natural face mask removes toxins, oil and dirt. The minerals in the Dead Sea keep pH levels balanced which play an important role in cell structure. Used on a weekly basis, the mask will shrink the size of pores, and who wouldn't want that?!



In motherhood, you're always looking out for your loved ones and that includes being mindful with the products you purchase. As an eco-friendly brand, who makes natural products, it was important to us to develop a line of products for new and expecting mothers. They've already got a lot on their plate! 

Our Baby Urchin line has been carefully crafted with thorough research. Every ingredient selected has been researched that it is safe to use in products for new borns, babies, and children. Our Baby Urchin Gift Set makes the perfect gift for those starting or growing their family 



We all know that one person who does everything for everybody but themselves. And there's no way to slow them down! For me, it's my mom. She's always whipping up baked goods and delicious meals for our family, running errands for those in need, and forever extending a helping hand.

She's one hard lady to reckon with when it comes to her taking some me time. Practical gifts seem to be the most appreciated. Whether it's slipping a serum sample in her bathroom, a bottle of liquid soap or lotion in at her business, or a bar of soap by her sink, it's those little gestures that make her smile with surprise. 

If you know someone like my mom, sneak a little something special into their busy body routine to remind them the work they do for others is appreciated. We have a beautiful line of liquid soaps to choose from that are fitting for both the bathroom and kitchen! Our cold process, natural bar soap makes a great gift - choose a scent that fits into their lifestyle. Our Coffee Bitters Bar is the perfect kitchen assistant, as it removes strong odours such as garlic, onions and fish!

Add in one of our Hand Sanitizing Spray with your gift to stow in their bag, purse or car. That on-the-go special someone seems to be looking out for others, pay it forward and help look out for them! 



Last but not least, we all know a pet parent who is head over heels for their furry little friend! And we've got the perfect line of natural pet products to choose from. Just like our line of baby products, our ingredients have all been thoroughly researched to ensure they're safe to use on pets. 

Whether it be a cat, dog or bunny, our Fur Sure Leave in Conditioner will leave their pet smelling deliciously fresh! With Mother's Day following winter, pet's paws can be left feeling dry and weathered from the cold, icy days and salted paths. Our Paw Balm helps bring those soft paws back to life.

Baths when it comes to pets, well... aren't so relaxing. But one thing that makes them a bit easier is using our natural shampoo bar for pets: Shampooch! This shampoo bar for pets easily suds up. Meaning no need to take your hands away to pour liquid out of your shampoo bottle as your furry friend makes their great escape! 


When in doubt, there's always the option to buy a gift card! No matter which of our products you choose for the special motherly figure in your life, they'll be happy knowing you thought of them. 


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