Retailer Spotlight - terra20

As most of you know, Purple Urchin has three different selling methods. We sell our products online (, in our store (located at 884 Somerset Street West), and through many different retailers.

We love our retailers! Any company that carries Purple Urchin products has to be pretty dope, so we want to share the love and shine a light on these great companies (in no particular order – we love all of them equally!).

Our first ever “Retailer Spotlight” belongs to terra20!

Everyone knows we love supporting local, and terra20 is Ottawa through and through! With two store locations – one on Wellington and one in the Pinecrest Shopping Centre – terra20 is a great place to find the best environmentally friendly products!

If you check out terra20’s manifesto on their website,, you’ll see the sentence “terra20 is driven to make healthier, more sustainable products go mainstream.” Pretty neat because we want to do the exact same thing!

terra20 offers more than just skincare products, they offer household cleaning products and supplies, which are also eco-friendly! Stop by one of their two store locations or check out their website if you’re looking to go green, they’ll have everything you need to make the transition!

And for those of you who have already made the switch to a more eco-conscious lifestyle, make sure to include terra20 on your list of places to support. They do their research to make sure the products they sell are honestly good for you and the environment, giving you more time to ride your bicycle and frolic in a field of flowers (or whatever it is you like to do).  

With both companies' values lining up so well, Purple Urchin and terra20 are a match made in sustainable heaven!