It's Bike to Work Month!

Purple Urchin superstar, Carly, has taken on the Bike to Work Month challenge! She is determined to bike to work every single day this month, regardless of the weather!

Biking to work is a great habit to get in to, improving personal health as well as the health of good ol’ Mother Nature. 

We hope to encourage everyone to think about how they groove around town, and then come up with an alternate, more earth friendly way to do so. It’s easier than you think!

There are tons of benefits when it comes to biking to work, including (but definitely not limited to);

Being  more productive at work – Similar to how breakfast is the most important meal of the day, exercising in the morning gets your blood flowing and your heart pumping, energizing you and helping to prepare you to take on the day!

Beating the morning rush hour – Seriously, being stuck in a stationary vehicle sucks, you don’t like it and neither does Mama Earth, so hop on a bike already and snicker at the people stuck in traffic while you happily ride right by them

Preventing illness – Working out regularly improves your immune system and strengthens your body overall.  So stop those sniffles in their tracks and start biking to work.

Hopefully Carly’s Bike to Work Month challenge inspires you to choose a more environmentally friendly way to go about your daily life. We will be posting pictures and updates on social media about Carly’s journey over the upcoming month so stay tuned for some crazy shenanigans.

Click here to learn more about Bike to Work Ottawa. And feel free to offer words of encouragement to Carly on our social media pages to keep her motivated!

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