Retailer Spotlight - The Big Carrot

Located in Toronto, The Big Carrot isn’t your typical grocery store. It’s not your typical health and wellness store either. The Big Carrot is a one stop shop for groceries, body care, and supplements. There’s even a juice bar and vegetarian deli!

The Big Carrot goes above and beyond when it comes to treating people and the environment well. The company prides itself on giving back to the community and making positive changes. Take a look at their website and within only a few moments you will understand why we’re so stoked about being a part of this incredible business.

Here are only some of the reasons why you should check out The Big Carrot the next time you find yourself in Ontario’s capital city;

Certified Organic – You can rest assured knowing the products they sell are organically grown and environmentally safe. Something everybody should take into consideration when deciding what food to shovel down their throats.

Community Involvement – The Big Carrot donates a portion of its annual profits to NGO’s in its neighbourhood that aligns with its values and overall mission. We believe in supporting the local community and so do they!

Nature’s Finest Fund – The Nature’s Finest Fund was created to increase the availability of local and organic food. Yes please!

On top of all that, they sell Purple Urchin products! Could The Big Carrot get any better?! Believe it or not, they can!

The list of reasons for why we love The Big Carrot could go on and on forever, so we just listed a few. If you want to learn more about this awesome company, check out their website,, and make sure to take a peek inside if you’re ever in the big city!