The Importance of Supporting Local

When you hear the word “Ottawa,” what do you think of?

Do you think of Parliament and the fact that this city is the capital of Canada? Do you think of the Byward Market and how much fun it is as soon as the weather starts to warm up? Maybe you think of school, because there are plenty of post-secondary institutes and students here.

Or maybe you think about the passionate people who serve you your locally roasted coffee every morning. Or that Ottawa microbrewery that creates your all-time favourite beer. The shops (and the people that run them), events, festivals, and gatherings that take place here in Ottawa are the heart and soul of the city.

Ottawa is filled with creative and extremely passionate people from around the world. We are so lucky to live in a city that has such an amazing “Support Local” culture. Don’t believe me? Walk into a local shop and you’ll probably notice that it’s supporting another local shop or artist in some way or another. Can’t find that book you were looking for at one local book store? They’ll probably tell you to check out another local book store down the street.

If you follow along with our adventures on social media then you have most likely noticed that we put a large emphasis on supporting local businesses. This is something that is very important to Purple Urchin. Not only because we are a local business ourselves, but because local businesses add excitement and diversity to this fantastic city.

We all have dreams. Some of us want to travel the world, other people want to own a large house and a fancy car. Some people, though, dream of working for a living, working on their own business, doing exactly what they love. Why not choose to support the little guys? Root for the underdog and great things can (and will!) happen.

So step away from your corporate big-name comfort zone and check out some of the rad local businesses Ottawa has to offer, because we have a lot of ‘em!