Here Lies "Don't Bug Me"

Here at Purple Urchin, we are committed to making products that are not only eco-friendly and skin-friendly, but ones that we know customers will fall in love with.  It is for that reason that we are saddened to say that we will no longer be making Don’t Bug Me insect repellent. 

On July 14, 2015, Purple Urchin Inc. was advised by Health Canada that “All products used for direct or indirect control of pests, whether natural or chemically derived, are subject to regulation and/or registration as prescribed by the Pest Control Products Act (PCPA) and Regulations”.

At this point in time, our insect repellent has not been registered under the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) of Health Canada.  We have been advised, under Section 6.(1) of the Pest Control Products Act, to stop all production of this product, and that the item may no longer be sold in our store or at any of our retailers. 

We understand that these certifications are an important and necessary part of doing business and we want to assure you that Health Canada has not disputed the quality of our products or their safety.  The notice was simply a matter of ensuring that our products are registered with the appropriate federal agencies. The cost of having this product scientifically tested and having it registered with Health Canada is prohibitive for us at this time, and we have no plans to bring this product back. 

We understand that this was a favourite of our customers' and are deeply saddened to take it out of our product line.

Purple Urchin wants to thank each and every one of you for your continued support for our company and helping PU grow.

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