New News!

So, we are back at it – making new, exciting varieties of soap! We are working on an unscented soap for all you lovers out there. The recipe includes coconut milk and ground oatmeal, and one batch will be a Scrubby with added brown mustard seeds to exfoliate the winter away! Sounds yummy, right? It won’t be too long before you can order these bars on our site and you can pre-order by emailing us (make sure to let us know the quantity and type you would like, so we can set it aside for you).

We are also working on a Valentine’s Day collection of bath bombs and salt with palmarosa and grapefruit essential oils. Be warned – passionately sexy, romantic aroma! Why give roses that just die? “P.U. I love you” is so much better!

Check back soon! You don’t want to miss out!