Introducing P.U. Baby!

So, we have had many requests from customers to offer natural and safe alternatives to baby bath products and we listened! With the introduction of our new P.U. Baby line, we are offering unscented 100% natural handmade bath bars with creamy coconut milk and soothing ground oatmeal (available in our Scrubby version as well!) and gentle 100% natural bath bombs made with extra virgin olive oil and lightly scented with pure organic vanilla extract.

Other than the occasional application of natural diaper cream for diaper rash and an olive oil rub and gentle comb through for cradle cap, you will not need anything else for your new one – trust us! Creams, salves, lotions and shampoos are only money making opportunities for some companies who have baby lines and are only necessary when you are using a detergent to clean your baby, which is in fact what most baby washes out there are (not to mention the eye numbing chemicals in tear-free formulas!). The less you use, the less chance your baby has of coming into contact with unnecessary chemicals like sodium lauryl and ether sulfate, fragrances and essential oils. We don’t feel comfortable using any fragrances or essential oils (natural or not!) in our products for babies and toddlers under the age of 2 and pregnant women. We feel there is not enough evidence out there to prove using any of these are beneficial and not harmful. That being said, please use caution around eye areas, since our products are not tear-free.

We hope you love P.U. Baby as much as we do!