Not too long ago, we shared an article on Facebook published by CBC News British Columbia that put on display the horrors of microbeads.

Microbeads are the tiny pieces of plastic found in many bath and body products today, including toothpaste. You read that right, you could be brushing your teeth with tiny pieces plastic and not even know it. People have even reported having the microbeads embedded into their gums.

The little pieces of plastic are used to exfoliate the skin and are designed to easily wash down the drain. Because of their size, the beads slip right through water filtration systems and end up in places they don’t belong (they don’t belong anywhere, but they really don’t belong in water). Since these beads are so tiny, most people don’t even give them a second thought.

But it’s time to start thinking twice. These little beads are causing a major problem to the aquatic life in our oceans, and ultimately, to us. Animals are mistaking the plastics for food, and by rubbing them directly on our teeth, we’re ingesting more plastic than we realize.

These tiny exfoliators are unnecessary additives that do nothing but harm. At Purple Urchin, we use only natural exfoliating ingredients such as apricot shells, coffee grinds, and brown sugar. These ingredients work just as well and are much better for the environment.

When you use Purple Urchin’s exfoliating products (Grime Fighter facial cleanser, Lemon Brown Sugar body scrub, etc.) you can rest easy knowing you are part of the solution to the current microbead problem.