This one’s for all my fellow coffee lovers!

Our morning cup of Joe gets us through the day. Coffee makes waking up - and staying awake - much easier. And it tastes delicious. Coffee can do no wrong (just brush your teeth regularly and not even yellow stains can ruin your favourite beverage!).

Did you know coffee also has some serious benefits when applied to the skin? Recently, coffee scrubs have become all the rage. Everyone’s scrubbing, and for good reason:

  1. Ground coffee beans act as a great non-dissolving exfoliant that removes dead skin cells and dirt
  2. It can reduce the appearance of cellulite (females everywhere, rejoice!) and can improve blood circulation
  3. It leaves the subtle scent of coffee on your skin, which smells absolutely delicious! (Our Cocoa Butter Coffee scrub smells even better!)

Our coffee scrub contains some pretty awesome things, including, coconut oil to help moisturize, cinnamon to help with skin imperfections, and cocoa butter which contains healthy fats and antioxidants!

Not only do we have a coffee scrub, we also have Coffee Bitters bar soap. This soap, like all of our other soaps, is very gentle and moisturizing.

If you have been to a shop that has a lot of smelly (in a good way!) products, like Purple Urchin, then you have probably shoved your nose into a dish of coffee beans to prevent yourself from overdosing on the scents. That’s because coffee is a natural scent-neutralizer!

Coffee Bitters is great as a hand soap for that reason. It’s perfect for use after handling odorous foods like garlic and onion because of its deodorizing properties. It can also be used to deodorize wooden cutting boards. We left in some coffee grounds, making it a gentle exfoliator, so you can reap the benefits similar to Cocoa Butter Coffee body scrub.

Whether you like your coffee black or jam-packed with cream/milk or sugar, we know this will help satisfy your caffeine craving!





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