Gardener’s Scrub

Don’t be fooled by the name; you don’t need to have a green thumb in order to use our Gardener’s Scrub bar soap. Whether you’re digging in the dirt or using your hands to get dirty in other ways, this bar soap will get you cleaned up in no time. 

Like all of our soaps, we have added olive oil, rice bran oil and coconut oil to make a super gentle soap that lathers well! We’ve also added some essential oils that are not only good for you, but smell great. When you think of the word ‘clean,’ that is exactly what Gardener’s Scrub smells like. With eucalyptus, rosemary, orange and lemon, this soap smells great without being overpowering.

We’ve added cornmeal to this soap to help scrub away even the toughest dirt. Don’t believe us? Just try it for yourself and you will see! There’s everything to love about this bar soap!