Make Everyday Earth Day: Six Little Lifestyle Changes That Go a Long Way

Earth Day is one of our favourite holidays here at PU!

We believe that all businesses can and should adopt a sustainable strategy to reduce their ecological footprint and ensure a greener tomorrow. Our passion for the environment is no secret and we hope to share our love of Mother Nature with all of our Urchins through the products we make!

By purchasing natural, locally made products, like the ones we make here at Purple Urchin, you are reducing your own personal ecological footprint. But don’t just stop there! There are tons of small changes you can implement in your everyday life that can make a big difference.

To help inspire you to get started, we’ve outlined a few!

1) Use natural products

Of course this is going to be our number 1! Using natural skin care and cleaning products reduces the amount of chemicals we flush down the drain that ultimately end up in our drinking water and soil. Bonus points for recycling or composting the product packaging (when applicable)!

2) Compost

Everyone in Ottawa is eligible to receive a free green compost bin. The city implemented the compost program in order to reduce the amount of garbage we are sending to the dump every week. Here in Ottawa, we can only put our garbage out every other week, but we can put our compost out every week! So start lessening your biweekly garbage loads by composting all your scrap food. For a full list of what can be put in your compost check out this link.

3) Use less water

Whether it be taking shorter showers, letting the rain water your grass instead of a sprinkler, or following the old ‘if it’s yellow let it mellow’ rule, the more water we save, the better off we are!

4) Use reusable materials whenever possible

Instead of continuing to throw away those flimsy plastic water bottles (and your money) invest a few dollars into a decent reusable water bottle (glass is best). Same goes for sandwich bags! Put your lunches into reusable containers to stop putting unnecessary materials into the local landfill.

5) Use less energy in your home!

Turn off the lights when you’re not in that room, and unplug appliances or chargers when you’re not using them. Not only is this good for the environment but it’s also good on your wallet.

6) Use greener methods of transportation

Now that the warmer weather is officially on its way, it’s time to bust out your bicycle (a skateboard, rollerblades, or just your good ol’ legs will also do). The less you drive, the cleaner the air we breathe will be!

There you have it, six simple ways to lessen your footprint and #gogreen. We hope this has inspired you to make some changes and dig deeper to find even more ways to make a positive impact!

And don’t forget to make everyday Earth Day!