Don't Worry be Hoppy!

Sitting on a patio with friends on a nice sunny day and having a nice cold beer can definitely be one way to enjoy the beverage, but did you know that the benefits of beer go beyond cracking open a cold one? Beer has many beneficial properties for both hair and skin which is why we have decided to put it into one of our soaps! We introduce to you our new Beer and Bergamot soap! Beer lovers will especially love this soap due to the hoppy, malt and bergamot scent, but even non-beer drinkers are sure to enjoy it and all the benefits it has to offer!

What Beer Do We Use?

We use only the best, from local Big Rig Brewery located in Kanata Ontario! It is a black IPA, unfiltered beer called "Release the Hounds", with ingredients of: filtered water, malted barley, fresh hops and yeast.

The Beauty Benefits of Beer

Beer is packed full of vitamin B6, antioxidants and amino acids which are great for both hair and skin so don't be afraid to use this soap as a shampoo bar as well as a body bar!

For Skin: When used on the skin beer works to balance ph levels which slows down oil production and reduces acne breakouts. Antioxidants help to rid skin of any impurities, revealing soft, smooth and fresh skin every time. Beer also produces natural collagen when used which attributes to firmer more youthful looking skin.

For Hair: When used as a shampoo bar the vitamins and amino acids from the beer help to smooth and brighten hair by strengthening the hair follicle. This repairs damage, thickens hair, keeps hair looking shiny and reduces dandruff and oil build-up on the scalp.

Our Beer and Bergamot soap will take you to the patio at anytime of day so raise a glass and cheers to beer soap! And remember to please wash responsibly!

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