Find us in the Rideau Centre - We Dare You

You may have already seen or heard the big news, so you can stop holding your breath now; Purple Urchin can officially be found in the Rideau Centre!

We’ve been a part of the terra20 family for years now, and we couldn’t be more thrilled that today marks the official grand opening of their new store location in the Rideau Centre. Perfect for those of you who live or work near downtown! Be sure to stop by terra20 (located on the second floor, not too far away from the food court), to fill up on all of your PU needs.

Not too long ago, we posted a “Retailer Spotlight” on terra20, but if you need a refresher on why this company is so dope, here it is;

1) terra20 is an Ottawa company that has grown from just one big idea to more than three store locations across the city in only a decade!

2) Although the Rideau store location focuses solely on skincare products, terra20 is so much more than that. At their other locations you can find earth friendly products for all your daily needs including kitchen and cleaning products, products that are safe for children and much more!

3) The atmosphere of all the stores is super friendly, the staff are very knowledgeable and you will always leave feeling happy about the products you purchased (especially if they’re Purple Urchin products)!

There you have it folks, we think it’s time for a shopping spree at the Rideau Centre!

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