Product Spotlight – Extreme Cream

Extreme Cream is a rich face cream perfect for dry or mature skin (but it works wonders on all skin types!). We have a hard time keeping these bad boys in stock because it’s one of our top selling products, and for good reason. If you haven’t had the chance to stick your nose into it, here’s some reasons why it’s about time you do:

1) Each ingredient in this container was specifically chosen for its ability to help your skin – including the essential oils.

2) There is a small amount of SPF in this cream. This can help prevent sunburn, wrinkles, and age spots! Hooray!

3) It’s 100% natural with a shea butter base, which means it’s not a lotion. Lotions are water based and consist of potentially harmful preservatives to prevent bacteria growth.

4) Since this isn’t your typical lotion, you don’t need to use a ton of the product to reap the benefits. Basically, a little goes a long way. This means both your skin and wallet will thank you.

4) It smells pretty damn great.

This jar is packed full of only the good stuff. Grab a jar and slather it on and we promise you’ll understand what we’re talking about!