Retailer Spotlight - Herb & Spice Wellness Shop

Bank Street is bustling with tons of great boutiques, coffee shops, and offices. Among them is Herb & Spice Wellness Shop (located across the street from the sister store Herb & Spice Food Shop). It boasts some of the best products catering to alternative and healthy lifestyles in the heart of Ottawa’s downtown.

But a super convenient location isn’t the only reason we love this place!

The Herb & Spice Food Shop first opened its doors in the 70s and still holds true to its “hippy” values and ethics. With four decades of continued success, expansion is inevitable, and along came the Wellness shop in 2013. Once the new brick-and-mortar location opened up, all supplements and skincare products were moved on in, and Purple Urchin products have been happily sitting on the shelves here since the very beginning.  

After you’ve stocked up on all your wellness needs make sure to stop by the Food Shop to grab a juice from their juice bar (the ingredients come from their own produce section, how cool is that?!).