Why Switch to Natural Shampoo?

So many of you have been asking about our shampoo bars this summer, so we decided it was about time to do a blog post on them to answer your questions! 

Why use shampoo bars?

Shampoo bars use MUCH less water and energy in their production than the usual liquid shampoo we're accustomed to. However, there are a few other reasons our shampoo bars stand apart from many other solid shampoo bars. At P.U. none of our soaps have the detergents or SLS (sodium laureth sulfate) that many bar soaps include, making them more gentle on the skin, more moisturizing, and safer on the environment. Our shampoo bars are 100% natural, using only the best ingredients and minimal (or zero!) packaging that makes them safe for our planet. 

What ingredients do you use, and how do they work?

All of our shampoo bars have a rich base of vegetable oils and butters that have become gentle, effective, and 100% natural cleansers through the process of soaponification. The specific ingredients used in our bars vary depending on the type of hair you have (oily, dry, or normal).

Dry Hair?

Our Hemp Head shampoo bar was made with dry hair in mind. With rich oils like castor oil, hemp seed oil, ucuuba butter, and cocoa butter, your hair and scalp will feel moisturized without feeling heavy. 

Oily Hair?

With clarifying ingredients like evening primrose oil and cinnamon, our Head Case shampoo bar will leave your hair feeling squeaky clean!

Normal Hair?

Our newest addition to our line of shampoo bars is great to use as a full body bar! Our Lavender and Tea Tree shampoo, face, and body bar has a calming scent, and keeps skin moisturized with lots of cocoa butter. 

Will my hair feel different using a 100% natural shampoo?

This is one of our most asked questions about our bar shampoos. At first, yes, your hair might feel different. The majority of shampoos on the market use various types of detergent and silicone. While your hair may feel nice right after being washed, your scalp is being stripped of its natural oils, which causes it to overcompensate and produce more oil than would normally be necessary. Because of this overproduction of oils, there is usually a bit of a transition period when you switch to natural shampoo - your scalp just needs a little bit of time to realize that it is being treated with gentler ingredients! However, once past that transition period, your hair will be much less dependent on the shampoo as it will be able to self-regulate the oil production. Your scalp and hair will feel great, and you can know that you are contributing to a happier planet as well.