The Hands Behind the Soap: Purple Urchin Is An Ottawa Success Story

Purple Urchin is the local Ottawa success story of a female entrepreneur.

Rebecca Pereira, who did not have any experience with soap prior to starting Purple Urchin, decided she would like to try her hand at making soap and selling it.

More than just talk and a dream, Rebecca came up with a plan and turned it into action. She quit her day job and, true to her word, started the soap making process.

Inspired by books and online tutorials, Rebecca went out, bought the supplies, made moulds of juice containers and learned the old fashioned way - by trial and error.

Love at First Sight (and Scent)

"I really love scents, says Rebecca. "I wanted to start a business that allowed me to be creative without cluttering up landfills."

Rebecca's passion for scents and for the environment helped create a perfect match in soap.

"Handmade soap seemed like the perfect solution, because it allowed me to be creative and to work with scents."

Besides being a great gift, Purple Urchin products are also practical. That means your gift is not likely to end up on someone´s shelf collecting dust.

From the Rosemary Mint Liquid Soap to the Sweetgrass Soy Candle, Purple Urchin products continue to enchant everyone who indulges in them.

Environmentally Friendly, Local Products

Purple Urchin isn't just a unique soap, it's an Ottawa business on a mission.

Rebecca's handmade soap is biodegradable. Why's that important?

"It does not contribute to the mass of garbage in the world," says Rebecca.

Whenever possible, our ingredients are harvested ethically, taking into consideration the well-being of humans, animals and the environment in general .

Under no circumstances is palm oil used to develop any of our products, since its consumption results in deforestation. In addition, all Purple Urchin creations are cruelty-free and 100% vegetarian (in fact most are vegan).

Buy Local, Think Global, Act Local

Many consumers these not only demand environmentally friendly products, they also want to buy local. It's a great way to keep capital in the local economy, and also helps cut down on the global effects of transportation. 

We locally source as many ingredients as we can. However, some items must be grown in specific geographic areas, while some others are only found abroad.

Rebecca is always experimenting with new products to add to the Purple Urchin lineup. 

We have a lot in store to offer, not only for humans, but also for your furry friend. Take pet care to the next level with the PU pet product line!

A Balm for your Soul

Purple Urchin continues to spoil our customers.

Our female-owned and operated business offers a wide array of products. These are either be 100% or 95% natural. The difference lies in the type of product, since some scents cannot be created naturally.

You will also notice that some bars of soap made of the same scent have different colors. Since all of our products are handmade at Purple Urchin, each batch is unique.

Let the Soap Work its Magic

Imagine having a hassle-free bath after work. Play some relaxing music, light up some candles, relax and enjoy the sound of the popping bubbles and the calming scents.

Want to create that feeling? It´s only a click away.

Treat yourself! You can purchase Purple Urchin products either online or at the Ottawa store on Bank Street in the Glebe. Many of our creations are also available at select retailers around Ottawa.

A world of scents and sensations awaits you at Purple Urchin!