Why We Don't Use Palm Oil


Here at Purple Urchin we only use the best ingredients in our products while making sure we are cruelty free as well as environmentally friendly. This is the reason why we do not use palm oil as an ingredient in any of our products. Instead we use a soap base of olive oil, coconut oil and rice bran oil which is ethically sourced and in-line with what we are all about here at P.U!

What is Palm Oil? 

Palm Oil is an edible vegetable oil which comes from the palm fruit grown on the oil palm tree.

Why is Palm Oil a Non-Ethically Sourced Ingredient?

Deforestation - Large areas of tropical forests and ecosystems are cleared to make room for the palm plantations. This evicts forest dwelling communities from their homes and destroys habitats to many species of animals, including many on the list of endangered species. 

Animal Cruelty Many animals not only are displaced but are also injured or killed in the process. Fact: Orangutans are on the endangered species list. 90% of Orangutans' habitats have been destroyed by the palm industry leaving these animals vulnerable to starvation, poaching, being killed for food or being sold into the entertainment industry. 

Human Rights Violations - Indigenous peoples are forced out of their homes and lured to plantations for work. Communities become reliant on the palm oil industry for their livelihood once their homes are destroyed. They often have no choice but to become plantation workers for income and survival. There is also a lot of child labour involved on the plantations where these children are payed little to nothing.

Climate Change/ Air, Soil and Water Pollution- In order to make room for the palm plantations, removal of native forests is done by burning invaluable timber and remaining undergrowth. This emits large quantities of smoke into the atmosphere and causes greenhouse gases to be released. The plantations themselves also release nasty toxins into the air, soil and water creating polluted lands for the surrounding indigenous people and animals.

For the reasons listed above, this is why Purple Urchin chooses to Say No to the use of Palm Oil in our products.  If you want to learn more about the environmental and social impacts of palm oil production, please visit the links below!