Grapefruit Grenade Liquid Soap

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  • Grapefruit Grenade Liquid Soap - Purple Urchin

Grapefruit Grenade Liquid Soap

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This soap is the bomb!!! It packs a hell of a punch with its refreshing citrus scent and is guaranteed to make a statement. This is the perfect soap for the cool, funky, loud and proud! 

Want to get the most out of your packaging? We offer 1L and 4L refill jugs in-store, or made-to-order! Please allow one week's notice to fulfill your order. Bring your empty refill bottles back for re-use to keep the life cycle going!

Can't get enough of this scent?
Treat yourself to our line of products in Grapefruit Grenade!

Here's the lowdown:

Purple Urchin products are formulated with quality ingredients that smell irresistible and perform exceptionally. Our liquid castile soaps are handmade from scratch! We do not use a pre-made soap base; this allows us to control all the ingredients that go into it. We keep all the naturally occurring glycerin in our soap, so it cleans without stripping the skin of moisture. Safe and gentle for even the most sensitive skin. No SLS, parabens, artificial preservatives, or colours. We keep it real. 

97.5% natural. Never tested on animals. Vegan friendly.

How to use:

Lather up, take a deep inhale, come back to earth and rinse. 
On top of washing your hands, face and body, our liquid castile soap can even be used to clean the house, your stinky gym socks, that pile of dirty dishes and just about anything you can dream of! We urge you to experiment, and would love to hear what kinds of unconventional jobs your liquid P.U. soap tackles.

Ingredients; The only thing we take seriously. 

water, cocos nucifera (coconut oil), vegetable oil, olea europaea (olive oil), cyamopsis tetragonoloba gum (guar gum), fragrance, citric acid

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