Mighty Mint Moisture Treatment

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  • Mighty Mint Moisture Treatment - Purple Urchin

Mighty Mint Moisture Treatment

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Introducing Mighty Mint, the successor to our discontinued Heal Healin' Balm. This moisturizing treatment smells minty fresh, and has wonderful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties due to our combination of pure essential oils and neem oil. (Have you heard of Neem oil? It's popular in India, where it is used in all sorts of applications from tooth cleaning to skin healing to mosquito repelling.)

Mighty Mint provides a silky soft feel to your skin thanks to shea butter and cocoa butter. But unlike a balm, Mighty Mint absorbs extremely quickly. The smell is invigorating and uplifting. 

We originally formulated this product to be a foot cream, but while testing it, we kept finding ourselves using it on our lips, hands, legs, and arms and decided it was delightful anywhere skin felt dry and rough. 

Ingredients; the only thing we take seriously. 

butyrospermum parkii butter (shea butter), theobroma cacao seed butter (cocoa butter), mentha piperita essential oil (peppermint), melaleuca alternifolia essential oil (tea tree), azadirachta indica oil (neem)


Here’s The Lowdown

Purple Urchin products are formulated with quality ingredients that smell irresistible and perform exceptionally. Our bar soaps are made with a healthy dose of olive oil and contain all of their naturally occurring glycerin, making them gentle and ultra moisturizing. Coconut oil lends a luxurious lather, while our (not so secret) ingredient rice bran oil works its age-defying wonders on your skin! Yes, our soap is magic. Try it out and see what we mean! 97.5% natural. Never tested on animals. Vegan friendly.

How To Use

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