Lemon Brown Sugar Scrub

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  • Lemon Brown Sugar Scrub - Purple Urchin

Lemon Brown Sugar Scrub

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Uplifting lemon with warm brown sugar, good enough to eat (but we don't recommend it!)

Here's the Lowdown:

Polish away rough, dry skin, and reduce ingrown hairs with this delectable, 100% natural face and body scrub! Made with soybean oil, which is naturally high in vitamin E, and invigorating lemon essential oil.

How To Use:

Perfect for face and body! Apply to lightly damp skin in the shower or bath and rinse off. Can also be used as a hand scrub in your bathroom sink. Not to be used on sensitive areas. Warning: This scrub contains oils that can make the bottom of your shower or tub slippery! Use caution and wash the shower/tub thoroughly after each use.

Ingredients; the only thing we take seriously.

sucrose (brown and white sugar), glycine soja oil (soybean oil), cocos nucifera (coconut oil), essential oils of: citrus medica limonum peel oil (lemon), litsea cubeba.


Here’s The Lowdown

Purple Urchin products are formulated with quality ingredients that smell irresistible and perform exceptionally. Our bar soaps are made with a healthy dose of olive oil and contain all of their naturally occurring glycerin, making them gentle and ultra moisturizing. Coconut oil lends a luxurious lather, while our (not so secret) ingredient rice bran oil works its age-defying wonders on your skin! Yes, our soap is magic. Try it out and see what we mean! 97.5% natural. Never tested on animals. Vegan friendly.

How To Use

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