Our Thoughtfully Curated Gift Sets

Welcome to Purple Urchin's Mother's Day Gift Guide! Finding the perfect gift for mom can be a challenge, but with Purple Urchin's curated gift sets, you can pamper her with luxurious, natural products she'll adore. From soothing lavender to invigorating rosemary mint and everything in between, we have something to delight every mom.

Let's explore our specially curated gift sets:


1. Rosemary Gift Set - $40.99


Dive into the refreshing world of rosemary mint with our invigorating gift set. This set includes:

  • Rosemary Mint Liquid Castille Soap
  • Rosemary Mint Bar Soap
  • Peppermint Lip Butter
Treat mom to a spa-like experience in the comfort of her own home!


2. Lavender Gift Set - $44.99


Indulge mom's senses with the soothing scent of lavender. Our Lavender Gift Set includes:

  • Long Live Lavender Bar Soap
  • Lavender Limeade Liquid Soap
  • Lavender Limeade Botanical Lotion

Pure relaxation awaits!


3. Turkish Fig Gift Set - $44.99

Transport mom to a lush paradise with our Turkish Fig Gift Set. This exotic set includes:

  • Turkish Fig Liquid Hand Soap
  • Turkish Fig Bar Soap
  • Turkish Fig Botanical Lotion (60 ml jar)

Give her the gift of luxury and escape!


4. Unscented Gift Set - $43.99


Perfect for sensitive souls, our Unscented Gift Set offers pure simplicity. This set includes:

  • Oatmeal Dead Sea Salt Soak
  • Oatmeal Bar Soap
  • Unscented Botanical Lotion

Ideal for those with sensitive skin or noses.


5. Herbal Soap Trio - $33.99


Experience the power of herbs with our Herbal Soap Trio. This set includes:

  • Rosemary Mint Bar Soap
  • Long Live Lavender Bar Soap
  • Luscious Lemongrass Bar Soap

A trio of nature's goodness!


6. Masculine Soap Trio - $33.99


Treat mom or dad to our Masculine Soap Trio, featuring earthy, musky scents:

  • Patchouli Lime Bar Soap
  • Man Soap Bar Soap
  • Coffee Bitters Bar Soap

Perfect for anyone who appreciates a rugged aroma.


7. Sweet Soap Trio - $33.99


Indulge in the sweetness of berries, fruit, and vanilla with our Sweet Soap Trio:

  • '80s Revival Bar Soap
  • Mango Bar Soap
  • Vanilla Mist Bar Soap

A treat for the senses!


8. Lilac Gift Set - $44.99


Capture the essence of spring with our Lilac Gift Set:

  • Lilac Liquid Castile Hand Soap
  • Lilac Bar Soap
  • Lilac Botanical Lotion

Bring the beauty of lilacs into her daily routine.


9. Box of Sweets Gift Set - $42.99


Treat mom to a box of delectable goodies with our Box of Sweets Gift Set:

  • Chocolate Face Mask
  • Vanilla Mist Bar Soap
  • Maple Lemon Botanical Lotion

Indulge her senses with these delicious treats!


9. Turkish Fig Hair & Body Gift Set - $46.99


Elevate mom's hair and body care routine with our Turkish Fig Hair & Body Gift Set:

  • Turkish Fig Liquid Shampoo
  • Turkish Fig Liquid Conditioner
  • Turkish Fig Bar Soap
  • Turkish Fig Botanical Lotion

Transport her to a tropical paradise with these luxurious products!


10. Dead Sea Mud Spa Kit Gift Set - $31.99


Bring the spa home with our Dead Sea Mud Spa Kit Gift Set:

  • Dead Sea Mud Face Mask
  • Dead Sea Mud Bar Soap

Give mom the gift of deep cleansing and detox!


11. Cedarific Duo Gift Set - $22.99


Add a touch of grounding woodsy fragrance to mom's routine with our Cedarific Duo Gift Set:

  • Cedarific Botanical Lotion
  • Cedarific Bar Soap

Uplifting and contemplative!


12. Lavender Duo Gift Set - $22.99


Give mom the classic scent of lavender with our Lavender Duo Gift Set:

  • Lavender Limeade Botanical Lotion
  • Long Live Lavender Bar Soap

Herbal and calming!


13. Lilac Duo Gift Set - $22.99


Capture the essence of spring with our Lilac Duo Gift Set:

  • Lilac Botanical Lotion
  • Lilac Bar Soap

A true floral delight!


14. Self Care Gift Set - $55.99


Pamper mom from head to toe with our Self Care Gift Set:

  • Black Pepper & Birch Sore Muscle Rub
  • Chill Out Foot Soak
  • Cypress Bath Salts

Give her the gift of relaxation and pain relief!

This Mother's Day, show mom how much you care with a thoughtful gift from Purple Urchin. Order now to ensure delivery in time for the big day. Happy Mother's Day! 🌸