At Purple Urchin, purchased products are final sale. To ensure our products are up to health regulations and sanitation standards, we do not accept returned items for monetary refunds or process exchanges.

What if a product is defective?

Purple Urchin makes all of our products by hand. On the odd occasion a batch of products may be recalled and deemed defective. This may be in lieu of texture poorly settling. Our team will not sell products that do not meet our standard of appearance and ingredients. However, sometimes the texture of our products may settled differently, for example a hand balm may settle with a grainy texture. This does not often happen, but can.

In a situation as such Purple Urchin will reach out to customers to recall a product or if brought to our attention by a customer we will override our return policy when it comes to defective items and process an exchange. As part of our policy, we do not refund purchases on defective products. If the item is out of stock for exchange, Purple Urchin will offer an alternative product as an exchange item of similar value.