The ABC’s of How Coffee Benefits our Skin

To us, there is no better smell than a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Here at Purple Urchin, we can’t think of anything that awakens our senses more! If you love coffee just as much as we do, you’ll be happy to hear the benefits coffee has on your skin both through consumption and applied as a topical. 


When developing our bar soap Coffee Bitters, we had three things in mind; the antibacterial fighting properties, coffee’s exfoliating effects, and of course the delicious smell we all love! 

As acne is often caused by bacteria, buildup of dead skin, clogged pores, or excess oil. Coffee helps to combat these causes of acne. The chlorogenic acid (CGA) found in coffee exhibits antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. 

Using a bar of soap is often frowned upon when it comes to skincare, particularly facial skincare. This is because the ingredients in unnatural bar soaps are known for drying out the skin. Although this is something those with acne prone skin want (to dry out acne), the natural bar soap we make such as our Coffee Bitters Bar doesn’t strip the skin. Instead, it’s antibacterial properties fight acne, the gritty texture exfoliates to remove dead skin, all the while the glycerin in our natural soap bar replenishes moisture in the skin.


Ground coffee beans in skincare products significantly benefit our skin both for beauty and health reasons. Caffeic acid is an antioxidant which boosts collagen levels. This reduces the appearance of cellulite and premature aging cells.


The exfoliating effects of coffee stimulates blood flow, improving circulation. Through exfoliation, blood vessels beneath the skin dilate. This allows lymphatic drainage for internal cleansing where oxygen is fed into blood, brightening the appearance of the skin. Boosting your cellular health, the gritty exfoliating texture in our products such as Coffee Bitters Bar Soap or Cocoa Butter Coffee Scrub stimulate the collagen synthesis revealing radiant, plump, fresh skin. 


Coffee can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. Caffeine can rush carcinogens through the digestive tract, reducing your gut’s exposure to them. Additionally, the antioxidant properties limit the growth and migration of colon cancer cells. 

Several studies (source: mdlink) have found that coffee reduced liver cancer by 54%, oral and pharyngeal by 31%, colon by 13%, prostate by 11%, and melanoma bt 11%. The same researchers found a dose-response relationship to coffee drinking and certain types of cancer. Specifically, two extra cups of coffee per day reduced the risk of liver cancer by 27%, endometrial cancer by 12%, and prostate cancer by 3%.


Not only does coffee wake you up, when applied as a topical it stimulates your skin! When sleep deprived, as many of us are, the skin can become dull and pale. Dark tissues beneath your skin heighten in appearance, which form dark circles. 

Caffeine in coffee stimulates the skin, reducing the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. As coffee increases blood flow it enables circulation which reduces any puffiness in your face. Our Cocoa Butter Coffee Scrub is not recommended as a facial scrub, due to the gritty textures being too harsh for facial tissue. But, our Coffee Bitters Bar Soap was formulated to be multipurpose. It’s safe to use as a facial cleanser to awaken your senses - reducing dark circles under the eyes and puffiness in your face! 


Beyond protecting your skin from acne, reducing the appearance of cellulite and dark circles, and as an ingestible reducing your risk of certain types of cancer - coffee applied as a topical overall enhances the appearance of skin. Coffee helps with cell turnover. Through exfoliating, healthy cells are brought to the surface, as dead cells are shed away. 

You’ll notice a revived glow to your skin, when coffee products are used on a regular basis. Additionally, applying products with coffee as a topical, such as our Cocoa Butter Coffee Scrub, can help decrease the appearance of sunspots, redness, and fine lines due to its anti-inflammatory properties. 


Beyond benefiting the appearance of your skincare coffee also acts as a deodorant. Our Coffee Bitters Bar Soap can be used in the kitchen to kill off intense smells such as that of garlic, onion, fish and gasoline! The antibacterial properties neutralize the odor and the gritty texture work to exfoliate and cleanse dense substances such as gasoline or oils. 

Beyond infusing delicious beverages, coffee is an extraordinary multi-purpose ingredient used to benefit both our health and our skin. Some good news for all the coffee addicts out there!


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