Goodbye Plastic! Hello Reusable Future

This year, our team has taken a moment to evaluate the environmental sustainability of our business, operations and products. We wanted to take a moment to see how we can do better to honour both our and our customer's environmental sustainability values through the business as a whole. A lot of you, our incredible community of customers, support us as a business because the products we make are eco-friendly and are made with natural ingredients. But we don't want it to stop there. We want to ensure the packaging you're bringing into your home aligns with your values too!

We want to encourage our customers to move their eco-friendly initiatives forward, that's why we're making some big changes this year.


Our team identified that we can further reduce our environmental impact by offering reusable containers and packaging. In May 2020, we switched out our plastic liquid soap and lotion containers to reusable amber glass ones. We want to encourage our customers to reuse any packaging of the products they purchase. Even if customers have our purple, plastic bottles, they can clean them (following these instructions) and reuse them both at Purple Urchin (refill program coming soon) and or at a zero-waste grocery store such as Nu Grocery

Our team will be replacing all plastic containers with reusable, glass ones. We have identified new suppliers and we are working towards implementing more environmentally friendly packaging for our entire line of products. Unfortunately some of our 2020 Environmental Sustainability Initiatives have been put on pause due to COVID-19. 


When Purple Urchin re-opens our store, we will be rolling out a refill program. Customers will be encouraged to clean and sterilize their bottles before bringing them in for refill. Our team will assist customers in refilling their existing plastic and glass bottles and containers. Additionally, customers will be able to purchase 1L liquid soap bottles to refill their existing 255 ml plastic or glass bottle and reuse the 1L plastic bottle!

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