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Coffee Bitters Bar Soap

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  • Coffee Bitters Bar Soap

Purple Urchin

Coffee Bitters Bar Soap

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Our Coffee Bitters bar soap is one of our favourite and most useful bars! It can be used in the kitchen as a deodorizing hand soap, or in the shower as an exfoliating body wash. The coffee and essential oils in this soap help to neutralize strong cooking odours such as garlic and onion. The ground coffee in this soap doubles as an abrasive exfoliant, which will help in smoothing rough, dry skin.

We hand make cold process soap from scratch. The cold process method ensures that there is no damage to the scent or medicinal properties of the soap we make. This is really important to us, because we make our soap with a purpose. The triple oil base in our bar soap contains antioxidants, fatty acids and Vitamin E that moisturize, reduce inflammation and have antimicrobial properties. Your skin will feel soft, supple and refreshed after every wash!

140 g / 650 g

100% natural · vegan · cruelty-free

sodium oleate (olive oil), sodium cocoate (coconut oil), sodium canolate (canola oil), coffea arabica  ground beans (coffee), citrus medica limonum peel oil (lemon), citrus sinnensis oil (sweet orange), citrus grandis peel oil (grapefruit), pimpinella anisum oil (star anise), rosmarinus officinalis oil (rosemary), litsea cubeba, eugenia caryophyllus oil (clove bud).

Please note: our Coffee Bitters bar soap will always look a tad different every time we make it. The bar you receive may not look exactly like it does in the pictures - that's the nature of hand made soap!

Citrus, herbs, spices and coffee beans.

How to use:
Rub the bar into hands to create later; rubbing the bar into a loofa or washcloth will provide optimal suds. Massage the lather across the intended areas, then rinse off.

Put our Coffee Bitters bar to work in the kitchen! The ingredients used in this bar possess deodorizing properties so garlic and onions don't stand a chance. You can even use it to remove smells trapped in wooden cutting boards!

Shelf Life:
36 months from date of manufacture.

Our products are made with natural ingredients and are free of artificial preservatives. A best before date can be found on the underside of each item, letting you know when the product should be used by.

Product Care:
Store in a dry, cool area in between uses. When keeping your bar by the shower, tub or sink, make sure the bar is sitting on a space or soap dish that drains itself of water efficiently.

Really like this soap and want to save some money? Buy our soap butts!
What, exactly, are soap butts?  We call them butts because 1. we think it’s funny and 2. “butt” means the end piece of something. So, soap butts are the ends of our soap loaves. They’re often too thin, weirdly shaped, or they’re bars that were supposed to be full size that didn’t weigh enough or weighed too much to be sold as individual bars. We take all our imperfect bars and ends, weigh them into 650 g portions, and bag them up. 

A bag of soap butts is approximately 20% cheaper than buying 650 g of individual soap bars, AND they come in a paper bag that can be recycled or composted!

Local Delivery: Available to Ottawa, ON residents within the K1, K2, and K4A postal code areas. Free delivery is applied to orders of $80 or more (before tax). Orders of $79.99 or less will be charged $12 to $16 for delivery.
Canada: Free shipping is applied to all orders of $100 or more (before tax). Orders under $100 will be charged shipping fees based on Canada Post's shipping rates.

We do not ship internationally at this time. 

View our Shipping Policy page for more information about shipping and delivery.

  • Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review