We make all of our soap from scratch, meaning that we do not use melt-and-pour soap bases, or any other form of pre-manufactured base. We select all of the oils and ingredients to be used in our soap recipes, and we have complete control over what is included, and what is not included.

There are a few different methods for making soap, but the traditional and most common is the cold process method, which is the method we use.

1. First, we mix the lye with water and allow it to cool.

2. We then combine our base oils in a pot and heat them to a low temperature.

3. At that point, we add the water and lye mixture, and blend until the liquid reaches a stage called “trace”.

4. Once the soap has traced, we add fragrances, colours, and sometimes herbs or other ingredients.

5. The soap is then poured into molds and allowed to set for 1-2 days.

6. When the soap is firm enough, we remove it from the molds and slice it to the desired sizes of bars.

7. We have now reached the final stage, which is the curing stage. The sliced soap is allowed to “sit”, or cure, for 4 weeks to allow it to complete the saponification process, and to allow excess water to evaporate.