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Dead Sea Mud and Cucumber Face Mask

  • Dead Sea Mud and Cucumber Face Mask

Purple Urchin

Dead Sea Mud and Cucumber Face Mask


Our Dead Sea Mud and Cucumber Face Mask removes toxins, oil, dirt, and makeup that's embedded deep into your pores. Give your skin the deep clean and detox it needs! The natural ingredients, thoughtfully chosen for our face mask replace trace minerals. These minerals help keep pH levels balanced which play an important role in cell structure. 

Those with oily or acne-prone skin will benefit most from the effects of Dead Sea mud. Used on a weekly basis, your pores will shrink, leaving your skin incredibly toned. 


maris limus (Dead Sea mud), cucumis sativa (cucumber peel extract), essential oils of litsea cubeba and lavandula angustifolia (lavender), potasium sorbate and sodium benzoate

This product is 100% natural. 


This mask smells like lavender and lemon.


How To Use:

Open the Dead Sea Mud and Cucumber Face Mask container. Using a spoon scoop 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon out. Using the spoon, apply the mask to your finger (or brush) - this will ensure your finger does not dip in the full container contaminating the rest of the mud mask. Evenly spread the mud mask a clean, dry face (and neck). If the mud mask is too dense for your preference, you can add a touch of water to thin out the density. Additionally, you can use a brush to spread the mud mask among your face.

Leave the mud mask on until the entire mask turns from dark grey to light grey - dried. This usually takes approximately 15-20 minutes. If the mask is put on too thick, it may not fully turn from light grey to dark grey. If evenly applied, when the mask has dried to a lighter grey, you may noticed areas of your face where the mask is still darker grey. This will indicate where oil gathers on your face. 

The Dead Sea Mud and Cucumber Face Mask's dense dried texture can become messy when rinsing off with warm water. We recommend removing the mud face mask in the shower, or with a wet towel you do not mind staining. You can wash your face, note the mud mask will make a slight mess around your sink. 

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