Purple Urchin

Pomegranate, Fig and Coconut Face and Body Scrub

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Purple Urchin

Pomegranate, Fig and Coconut Face and Body Scrub


Our Pomegranate, Fig and Coconut Scrub can be used from head to toe! Our face and body scrub isn't just moisturizing, it has acne-fighting properties. Ingredients used in our face and body scrub like grapeseed oil and linoleic acid possess anti-inflammatory properties. 

Our body scrub now comes in a glass jar. The same body scrub you love in a reusable, eco-friendly container. As we continue to move forward with our Environmental Sustainability Initiatives, we will be altering our labels to be made from eco-friendly, biodegradable materials and changing the design of our labels. 


sucrose (white sugar), vitis vinifera oil (grapeseed oil), fragrance, papaver somniferum seeds (poppy seeds), tocopherol (natural vitamin E).

This product contains a small portion of a synthetic fragrance for scent. 



Our Pomegranate, Fig and Coconut Face and Body Scrub's sweet smell is absolutely intoxicating. Fresh and fruity, when our face and body scrub is cracked open the aroma sets you into a luxurious relaxation. 

How To Use:

Remove a portion of the scrub from the container. If the continents of the scrub get wet in the container they will harden, leaving tougher clumps in your scrub. Before using the scrub, remove the recommended portion. 

How much should I use? 

For lips use, 1/4 of a teaspoon. 

For your or hands, use 1 teaspoon. 

For arms, use 1 tablespoon for both. 

For legs, use 1 tablespoon. 

*Not to be used on sensitive areas.

How to apply:

Dampen your skin. Using a small portion from the recommended amount, apply the scrub with your hands to the specified area of your body. In circular motions, rub the scrub - exfoliating your skin, for 30 seconds to a minute. Once the total area has been exfoliated rinse the scrub from your skin. You'll feel the silky smooth effects of our Pomegranate, Fig and Coconut Face and Body Scrub - refreshened and renewed skin!

This scrub contains oils that can make the bottom of your shower or tub slippery! Use caution and wash the shower/tub thoroughly after each use.

We recommend all customers do a test batch before applying the full recommended amount to the skin. It is the responsibility of the customer to be aware of product ingredients, which can have an affect on those with allergies and skin sensitives.

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