Where can I buy Purple Urchin Products?

You can stop by our store located at 884 Somerset Street West Ottawa and you can also find us at these retailers.

Do you have a loyalty program?

We are pleased to offer a loyalty program for purchases made at our retail location at 884 Somerset St. W. in Ottawa through Vicinity, a third party company that provides one loyalty program that is used by several local businesses. This means the card you receive from us can be used at many of your favourite spots around Ottawa.

$5 spent (before tax) = 1 point.

50 points = $20 gift card

You can even register online and receive bonus points for signing up through Facebook.


Do the products ever go on sale?

We do occasionally have in-store sales. In addition, we put our ‘Oops’ products, soap butts, and left over seasonal products on sale (in-store only)! Our ‘Oops’ products and soap butts are products that didn’t turn out perfect, but are still perfectly good! Our retailers determine their own sales on Purple Urchin products, so feel free to contact them for more information.

What charities does Purple Urchin work with? 

Click here to find out!

Do you take back your containers or do refills?

We gladly take back our glass containers.  In fact, for every glass container you return to us in store, you receive one point on your Vicinity rewards card.

How often are new products formulated?

We are always experimenting with new products to add to our lineup, however, good things do take time. We never add a product to our line unless we love it and use it ourselves.

How do I keep my soap from going mushy/too soft while using?

If you use a slotted soap dish that allows the water to drain away from your soap while not in use, you’ll have a long-lasting hard bar of soap for usually around 3-4 weeks. Essentially, the longer soap sits in water, the softer and mushier it will be.

Why are some bars of soap with the same scent different colours?

Since all of our products are handmade in-store, each batch is unique. Slight temperature variations and humidity can affect colour and texture, so the bars may vary. But we promise each item is just as good as the one before!

Which soap is most moisturizing?

We leave the naturally-occurring glycerin in our soap so all of our soaps are very moisturizing (particularly in comparison with typical drugstore detergent bars) but the most moisturizing would likely be our Oatmeal and Goat’s Milk soap. Our Dead Sea Mud and Tea Tree & Eucalyptus as well as Wild Ginger Root bar soaps feature ingredients suited for oily skin, so while they are still moisturizing, they are the least so.

Which soap is good for the face?

Our Dead Sea Mud and Tea Tree & Eucalyptus soaps are great for oily/combination face types, due to their astringent or detoxifying effects. For dry face types, we recommend any of our other 100% natural bar soaps, especially the Goat's Milk bar soap.

Which soap is good for oily/acne skin?

Dead Sea Mud and Tea Tree & Eucalyptus.

Do you have anything for psoriasis?

We don’t have anything yet that is specifically meant for psoriasis, though our bar soaps can help due to their mild nature. In fact, we’ve had several customers who suffer from psoriasis tell us that our Goat’s Milk bar soap has really helped them control their flare-ups.

Can I use Shampooch on myself?

Shampooch is a great moisturizing shampoo and works wonders for dry scalps and hair! It can also be used as a body bar or as a creamy shave soap.

How does the therapeutic line work if the products are 100% natural?

Heel Healin’ Balm, Black Pepper & Birch sore muscle rub, and Arthritis Relief Rub contain essential oils and carrier oils that are said to have natural therapeutic benefits when absorbed by the skin.

Do you make hair conditioner?

Not yet, but we hope to in the future.  Developing takes time.

What products do men like?

We have products and scents specifically tailored to men. Click here to check them out!

How environmentally friendly is Purple Urchin?

Whenever possible, we make sure the ingredients we use are harvested ethically, with people, animals, and the environment in mind. We refuse to use palm oil, as its consumption contributes widely to the destruction of forests, which is horrible for the planet and for the forests’ animal inhabitants.

Do you use animal by-products in your soap or other products?

Purple Urchin is a vegetarian company. All of our products are cruelty-free and 100% vegetarian (if not vegan). Most are vegan with the exception of a few products which contain either goat’s milk, silk amino acids or beeswax.

We have a not-for-profit partnership with Algonquin College's culinary program to reduce landfill waste by producing soap using leftover animal fat. It is then sold by Algonquin College to help fund student bursaries. While made by us, this is not Purple Urchin soap and is not sold under our name or in our store. It is made in the same facility as Purple Urchin products, however, for our vegan supporters, we take every precaution to eliminate cross-contamination.

Why are some products 100% natural and others 95% natural?

Our 100% natural products are scented with essential oils and our 95% natural products are scented with fragrance oils. The reason we use fragrance oils is because there are certain scents that just cannot be created naturally.

How do I know which products are 100% natural?

All of our 100% natural products will have '100% natural' written on the label. If it is not indicated that means the product contains fragrance oils and is 95% natural.

Does Purple Urchin source ingredients locally?

We source locally when we can, however, many of the ingredients we use aren’t produced here so we have to source the ingredients from other locations. Some items must be grown in protected areas, and other ingredients are only found in certain regions around the world.

I own a business and would like to have private label or custom developed products. Can I ask Purple Urchin to develop this for me?

We do not offer private label or custom developed products currently.




Andaz Instagram Contest - Official Rules

Beginning August 15, 2016 Andaz Ottawa will be hosting an Instagram contest on their official Instagram page (@andazottawa).

The prize will consist of one Turkish Fig bar soap, one Lemon Lavender Bath Salts, one large Turkish Fig candle, and one Pomegranate, Fig & Coconut face and body scrub. Retail value of the prize is $51.96. Purple Urchin and Andaz Ottawa hold the right to change both the products and/or scents of the products in the prize package should either company deem necessary.

To enter you must:

-Follow both @purpleurchin and @andazottawa

-Like @andazottawa’s post about the contest

-Tag two friends Instagram handles in the comments of @andazottawa’s contest post

You must be 18 years of age or older and reside in the Ottawa area. This contest is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc.

One winner will be randomly selected Friday August 19, 2016. The winner will be required to claim the prize from Andaz Ottawa at 325 Dalhousie St. Ottawa within two weeks from the official winner announcement. If the prize does not get claimed, another winner will be selected.

Good luck!

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